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2016 Planning Party

This is goal setting (and achieving!) chronic illness style!

In this 90 minute recorded workshop and Q&A session,
we cover:


AND the Part 2 Party (80 mins long):

Here's what people have said about the 2016 Planning Party:

Do it. Really gives you a clear direction of what you want and why. Allows you to dream a bit bigger than you might normally allow yourself but gives you ideas of how to achieve that.

- Lydia

I was worried it'd be a bit too woo-woo for me but it was perfect. The format was great and I loved the workbook.


- Emily

Do it. Just do it.

- Leanne

Hi, I'm Lizzy and I run

Having a chronic illness (physical or mental) really sucks. I know this.

But, I’m an expert on thriving, and The Pillow Fort is all about sharing that positivity with you.

I ain’t advocating for any healing or recovery nonsense here… I’m just saying I genuinely believe that with a bit of positivity, life can be so much better, even if you can’t shake off those pesky chronic illnesses.

Join The Pillow Fort 2016 Planning Party!

Only £12 (about $16)!

When you sign up you will receive a payment confirmation email from Gumroad, followed by an email with a link to the party recordings and workbooks.

Any questions or problems, please email me: lizzy[at]